I’m Diana Ursachi

I am Diana Ursachi – journalist by training and management consultant by practice. I have 10+ years of professional experience in the management of communication and business strategy (analysis, development, implementation, evaluation). I have worked for private and public organizations as well as for NGOs in Europe and North America. Among them  – Deloitte Consulting (Belgium), Oregon State Government (USA), the European Commission (Belgium), Magyar Telekom (Hungary), Soros Foundation (Romania).

In 2006 I graduated from Bucharest University (Romania) and shortly after I fled to Central European University (Hungary) to do a Master in Public Policy. I had the honor (and luck) of being a Fulbright, Soros and Romanian Government Scholarship alumna. The National Association of Women MBA (NAWMBA) has also made a great contribution towards my MBA degree. In 2010 I graduated Magna cum Laudae from a Top 23 university – Willamette [1].

I am a member of the Fulbright Alumni Network, as well as of the honors societies Beta Gamma Sigma and Pi Alpha Alpha (which reunite top graduates in the areas of management and public affairs). I seek companionship from people who are unafraid to admit that they don’t know it all and who keep asking questions in order to grow. I shy away from words such as “must”, “never”, “nothing”, “everything”, “everybody”: just like science cannot fully explain variation from standards, I believe that overstatements are roadblocks to knowledge and creativity.