At Guidecademy, we can offer you coaching and training for


  • Boosting innovation & change

    Growth without change is impossible. The companies that know this update their strategies annually, even though they had probably set it 5 years before. And it’s up to management and the employees to turn the desired change into reality, and this is not easy because humans are resistant to change by default. If you are comfortable with the way your company is going, there’s nothing you need to change. However if you want more visibility for your company  in the market place, if you want to grow its ability to set trends instead of just following them, and if you want committed employees working towards these goals, you need to fine tune a thing or two as far as employee motivation and retention are concerned. We teach you how to do this.


    Most employees can be creative and more efficient in their job once they figure out what differentiates them from others having the same professional skills. This generates spill-over effects and the companies that encourage self-actualisation in their employees become more entrepreneurial… and not just in their PR brochures.


    Goal: cutting down on operational costs (incl. HR costs); productivity & competitiveness

  • Identifying employee profiles and team roles (internationally accredited methodology)

    No employee can be both a leader and a follower, careful to details and able to see the big picture, nor can he/she initiate and follow-through a project with equal commitment.  As manager you have to chose between letting employees play on their strengths and pushing them to give equal attention to strengths and weaknesses. Guess which one yields better results? Pareto says that 80% of results come out of 20% of the work done. Is it profitable to have employees work 5 times harder to only increase their performance by 25%? Wouldn’t you rather play on his strengths: give him more work to do in the areas where he excels? You may wander who is going to deal with the tasks that push him far out of his comfort zone. We’ll teach you how to spot the employees that excel at those tasks based on the same 80/20 rule. It will be a win-win.

    Goal: cutting down on operational costs (incl. HR costs); improving team dynamics; getting a better fit with the (new) work environment

  • Acculturation

    Guidecademy provides training and coaching for foreigners who move to Romania as well as for the Romanians wishing to live abroad, in order to speed up their adaptation. We know that moving abroad can be overwhelming, especially when it’s job-related. You probably have already a well-established work style but when moving abroad you may need to change it because of different organizational structures and norms. The shift can be extremely stressful or not… depending on how you manage it.

    Goal: minimizing cultural shock; faster acculturation

  • Preparing great applications (for studying abroad)

    As well as spotting out the right universities and scholarships available for those interested in studying abroad. It can be provided both directly to employees (provided that they return in the company upon finishing their studies – e.g. after an MBA) or to their children, as non-monetary benefit.

    Goal: increasing employee loyalty