For your business needs, Guidecademy can provide:

  • Solution focused thinking & innovation-tapping (internationally accredited methodology)

    Goal:  matching business strategies to market needs; trend-setting

  • Lobby & corporate affairs

    Goal: enabling and improving the relationships with public institutions, sector-specific unions and civil society (at regional, national and EU level)

  • Recruitment, motivation, accountability and retention of the Gen Y employees (b. 1978 – 1989)

    Take a look here at the profile of the average Gen Y employee. Some see them as naïve, lazy and unprepared to face the labour market. Some say Gen Y employees rock: they seem to climb the ladder at light speed, they’re workaholics and their creativity renders/leaves you speechless. Both sides are equally right, it’s only a matter of perspective. No matter which side you take, they will be the ones leading your company 10-20 years from now. They will leverage what they saw their managers (you) do … or they will keep away from anything like it. Do you wish to be inspirational to them or not?

    Goal: increasing competitiveness; boosting innovation; cutting down on operational costs (incl. HR costs)

  • Improving workplace dynamics (among generations)

    Check out the study on workplace relationships between Gen Y (1978 – 1989) and Baby Boomer (1946-1964) employees. For the first time in modern history there are four generations in the workplace: Traditionals, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y, each of them having different work styles and career expectations. Not only do these generations differ compared to each other but the individuals belonging to the same generation differ among themselves. This is complex! At Guidecademy we provide you with the right tools to fine tune workplace relationships between generations and thus to increase profitability and benefit the bottom line.

    Goal: cutting down on operational costs (incl. HR costs); effective succession strategies; increasing productivity and profitability

  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

    At Guidecademy we know that corporate responsibility needs to be validated by the Board as well as by the employees and other key stakeholders. It shouldn’t be done just to copy others or out of pure philanthropy. We know CSR strategies need to have measurable impact so as to be worth investing in. And we also know that they require long-term thinking: you will not see the result of your investment in CSR tomorrow. You will see them in the long run, perhaps when facing a crisis, when you CSR projects are mature enough to generate genuine support from stakeholders toward the company (see here the famous example of Tylenol Crisis Management).

    Goal: increased visibility & market share; long-term stakeholder loyalty (customer included)

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