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What is Guidecademy?

Think of Guidecademy as a toolbox that can help you get from A to Z faster and more efficiently than you could do on your own. As a toolbox it will not do the job for you BUT it will provide you with ruler, magnifying glass, compass as well as other high-precision tools as needed, so you can  nail the job. 

At Guidecademy we know there’s more than just one way to do things. Our goal is to help you find what works for you. We don’t deliver magic bullets: there’s no such thing as a patch that works for everything and everybody. What works for you may not work for others. Therefore, we set you on course and teach you how to fish instead of getting the fish for you.

You will be happy with the results for 3 reasons:

  • You will be able to replicate best practices on your own.

    Initially you (your organization) will be assisted by a coach in order to spot out what works for you. Subsequently you will get the know-how to do it independently.

  • You get more confidence

    in what YOU know is working  v. what OTHERS say to be working.

  • You’re the one that steers the wheel

    so you get all the accolades once you get accustomed to using the toolbox and finding solutions.